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DEATH | Bill Door ([personal profile] likescats) wrote2010-12-03 06:35 pm

Death Eight: A NEW PET

 [Death did not like thanksgiving. Mostly because, apparently it was a family holiday and he didn't even get to see his Granddaughter.

Oh and also the spiders. He did not like the spiders. Because he had to get rid of them. No, he doesn't want to talk about it. Also now Misty is a drone.

So clearly to cheer himself up....Kitty. You can find him

a. Walking down the street with a rather scared kitten, oddly enough the kitten isn't so much scared of him, as everything else. Kitten is sitting on his shoulder.

b. In the park, how did his kitten get into a tree? He really wishes he knew, either way he's trying to reach it. 

c. In his front lawn trying to convince a rather cowedly kitten that hiding under the stairs is not a good idea.]

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