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DEATH | Bill Door ([personal profile] likescats) wrote2019-08-08 10:18 am
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Permission Post

DEATHS VOICE: When he uses this voice, commands he says have to be followed and questions he asks have to be answered truthfully. If your character is immortal, they would be immune from it. 

I will always ask permission before using it. Even if you post here. But just letting me know you're cool with it, is helpful for me.

Leave a  note here if you don't mind it being used on your characters. Or if you do, or if you want to discuss whether or not it would affect your character. 

SEEING SOULS: Death can see a person's soul and tell whether they are human, demon, elf, etc. Sometimes he can tell people's names but that's a hit and miss. He doesn't really comment about things much. But if you want him to not be able to tell what your character is, we can hand wave that.

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