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Application for Ataraxion

Your Name: Katie
OOC Journal: [personal profile] themadmaiden
Under 18? If yes, what is your age?: No
Email + IM:, themadmaiden7 -aim
Characters Played at Ataraxion: Chell [Redacted]

Name: Death
Canon: Discworld
Original or Alternate Universe: AU
Canon Point: Post "I Shall Wear Midnight" and after being stuck in Mayfield for a few years
Number: Randomized please

The Discworld


In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded. This is the rather odd way of stating that Deaths history starts at the beginning of the world, the Discworld to be precise. It's unknown when exactly Death was formed, but it is thought to be somewhere around the creation of the Discworld itself. He himself is only the personification of Death for the Discworld and is therefore a minion/an aspect of the Death of Universes "Azrael". However Azrael doesn't have much of a presence in the books all things considered.

During the years and years that progress on the Discworld, Death does his job and he does it well. It is also through the long process of time that he slowly starts developing more and more of a personality, but we shall get to that later.

He spends time with the Four (Five at first) horsemen of the Apocralypse (being named as such because it is an apocryphal apocalypse and no one knows the exact details well enough to call it a real apocalypse at the moment, and no one wants to make that sort of call and have it be a false alarm. That sort of thing doesn't look good on a report.) He tries out a few horses and decides on a live one (the skeletal ones always fall apart and the fiery ones set his robes on fire) named Binky, because he likes the name.

At some point in time Death becomes more curious of humans and life in general and starts to imitate them. He has his own dimension to "live" in and he creates a house. A rather odd, black and white, ignoring the rules in regards to size and dimensions house, but a house none the less. It is somewhere later then this point that a wizard named Alberto Malich, decided that the best way to trick death so he could live forever was to do a reverse summoning ritual which would hopefully stop death from coming near him, instead of summoning him. This didn't work and sent Alberto to Death's dimension instead, where instead of sending him back Death for an unknown reason employed the old man as a manservant, cook and butler. He goes by Albert now and still serves Death.

Death also adopts a daughter. No one know why he did it, but he finds Ysabell after her parents were killed on the Disc and takes her home with him and raises her himself. Time passes in odd ways in Death's dimension so Ysabell ages oddly and is a teenager for a great deal longer then most girls are.

Throughout all of this Death continues doing his job. The first event that firmly places Death on the timeline in a set way is when he takes on an apprentice named Mort. It's one of the things he doesn't need to do as Death isn't going to retire ever. But it's more then implied that he's trying to play matchmaker for his daughter. The apprentice also gives him a chance to take a bit of a break. Unfortunately while Death is on said break, Mort lets his feelings get in the way of his job and stops the assassination of a teenage Princess without meaning to, thus altering reality and the timeline of what was supposed to have happened.

During his time as death Mort starts to take on more and more of Death's characteristics and Death himself starts to want to feel proper emotions and tries to figure out what being a human is really like. Death eventually finds out what Mort has been up to though and comes back to confront him. They end up fighting and though Death wins, he simply turns Mort's life timer over and lets him walk away. Reality is split, but stable and the Princess lives. Mort ends up leaving Deaths service and marries Ysabell.

And Death goes back to his duties, but now with closer ties to the world.

This seems like a good time now to point out that Deaths entire history is the history of the Discworld itself and while he makes a cameo in most all of the books in the series, I won't be mentioning them all as most of them are just one scene or two. And if you want to get technical, death is everywhere in all the novels. So I'll just stick to the main timeline of events.

The next one as it so happens is only a few years later when the Auditors of reality (the things that make sure gravity works and that reality is upheld) inform Death that it's time for him to retire. They don't like the fact that Death has developed a personality.

He's sent to "live" a mortal life and ends up on a farm going under the name Bill Door. It's at this point that he has to face what being mortal actually means. He doesn't know how humans stand it. During this time he makes friends with people and reaps wheat instead of souls. He discovers however that his replacement, the New Death is a proud and emotionless thing that cares nothing for the souls it reaps. Determined that this is Wrong, Death with the help of the old women he's been staying with fights the New Death and wins. Doing this, he becomes Death again.

Death goes to face his boss, Azrael and makes a case for why Death should be able to care for the souls he reaps. He also asks for more time. Both of which are granted to him, as he goes back to the woman, Miss Flitworth and offers her whatever she wants. They go to the local harvest dance. After which you find out that Miss. Flitworth has actually died hours ago, and after Death takes her dancing, he shows her the history of what happened to her lost fiance. After seeing her off, he returns to his dimension and creates a field of wheat as a memory of his time as a field hand. He also then discovers that the Death of Rats, an aspect of himself that had split off when he'd been retired, is still around. Instead of absorbing him back in, he keeps the bone rat around for company. And then he goes back to his work.

Mort and Ysabel have a daughter they name Susan. At first Susan is allowed to go and visit her grandfather but as she grows older her parents decide she isn't going to have anything to do with Death and they stop visiting. Time passes until Susan is sixteen and her parents die in a freak carriage accident. Death, of course was there. It would be against the rules for him to do anything to stop the death of his daughter and son in law, and he doesn't.

He then however goes off to try and forget, and deal with his grief. Something that isn't easy to do when you remember everything. Death tries several things to try and forget, travelling to speak to wise men on mountains, joining the Klatchian Foreign Legion and of course attempting to get drunk. None of this seems to work and Susan starts to take on more of his powers as she takes up the role of Death and gets involved with a mysterious force called "Music with rocks in it".

Death is forced back into dealing with things when Susan comes to confront him in the past and we find that the reason Death spared Mort's life when the two fought was that he saw Susan in the background and realized what was going to happen. Death helps save the band affected by the new music and banishes it from the Discworld. He takes back his duties after this all ends, however now with the knowledge that he does have family left in Susan.

A few more years pass and the once sixteen years old Susan is now a governess. It is as this time the Auditors of Reality show up again. This time trying to destroy human belief, they do this by hiring as assassin to kill the Hogfather (The Discworld's version of Santa Claus). This ends up involving the Tooth's Fairy Castle, and as it a place of children, who do not understand Death, Death himself cannot go there. Instead he gets Susan involved without really telling her, and starts playing the role of the Hogfather himself. Dressing up in a red suit and giving out presents, to keep peoples belief in the Hogfather alive.

Susan ends up stopping the assassin at the Tooth Fairy's Castle, and with Death's help she is able to rescue the Hogfather who is being chased by the Auditors in the form of wild dogs. The Auditors then have to face Death who points out that for all their claims of "obeying the rules" they themselves broke them in their recent actions.

Death returns with Susan to the house she governs at and they find the assassin Teatime is still alive. He then attempts to kill Death with Deaths own sword, but is stopped when Susan kills him with a fireplace poker, that has been stated before as to only kill monsters, thus it goes right through Death and into Teatime.

After this Death returns to his duties until the Auditors return a few years later. At this time Susan is working as a teacher. Death once again gets her to help where he cannot. The Auditors are trying to freeze time and as Death, he cannot see or interact with Time the personification. While Susan deals with this, Death tries to round up the remainder of the four horsemen to ride out again. They don't seem to like the idea though and refuse to come. However in the end all four of them show up, including the fifth horseman, Kaos and the Five Horsemen ride against the Auditors instead of against humanity.

In the end the Auditors lose and Death like always returns to his job.

This is the last book where Death has a major role, but he continues to appear here and there in the others and there is always the knowledge that he is somewhere in the background even when not named.

And then he ends up in Mayfield, but the history for that will be in the Alternate Universe section


Ironically Deaths problems in the book “Reaper Man” start because the auditors of reality don’t take kindly to the idea of an anthropomorphic personification developing a personality. So let’s begin with that. Death really shouldn't have a personality at all, but after uncountable years of doing his duties he’s developed one along the way and because of that, it’s a rather strange one.

Death is quite curious, especially about humans. He doesn't fully understand how they work and how they are able to live the way they do. He observes them as he does his work. In ways he tries to imitate them, making himself a house, adopting a daughter, but because he just doesn't understand humans his plans always have a flaw or two. For example, while making his house he forgot that it should not be possible for the inside of the house to be bigger than the outside. Or that a bed is supposed to be soft or that a desk has drawers. Little things that make it appear as though the person who made it, knew what it was, they just didn't really know what it was for. He also seemed to think that having a teenage girl around the house would be easy, which as everyone knows is quite incorrect.

Death is also not a cruel being, no matter what is said about him. He views humans with a fond curiosity and has in some cases defended them against other threats, such as the Auditors of Reality. He also has a fondness for children and cats, the latter of which can see him all the time and the former who can see him till they grow up. He had to become fairly human for a while in the events of “Reaper Man” and he became quite discouraged and frustrated with how unfair the inevitability of death was. In the book “Soul Music” the reason why his granddaughter Susan has to fill in for him is because he knows he could have done something to stop her parent’s deaths and yet because of his duty he could not allow himself to interfere. Death is very much aware of his duty, and it has been thought that if Susan was like “helpfulness” personified, then he would be “duty” personified. That book however really showed how much he cared about his adopted family, as he spent most of it trying to find ways to forget the loss, something that with his memory was impossible. He is also very fond of his granddaughter Susan still.

While being held to his duty at all time he will have little slip ups. He will allow people to play a game for their lives or others. Once he allowed Granny Weatherwax to win back the life of a child in a game of cards even though he “technically” won. Another time he spared the life of a little match girl on Hogswatch Eve, though he claimed it was because he was acting as the Hogfather that night and a future is the best gift of all. He doesn't do this very much though because he understands why you shouldn't interfere in people’s lives. He did this once by adopting a daughter and that spiralled out of control, leading him to have to cause more problems to fix the ones he’d already made. It ended with a granddaughter who somehow inherits his job whenever his unavailable. Genetics work differently on the Discworld.

Death is a very literal creature and it’s through this that many of his misunderstandings of humans take place. For example in “Reaper Man” he gets Miss. Flitworth a diamond to “be her friend” after being told that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Even going so far as to ask a confused gem seller how ‘friendly’ each diamond he was shown was. Also when he was trying to make a Hogswatch card for Susan he put real snow in it as well as a real robin. Because when he found out that a card usually has snow and a robin on it, he assumed that they meant the real things. He is also described by Susan as someone who would solve the problem of world hunger by simply giving everyone in the world a filling meal, not paying mind to any other factors like economics or politics.

He also doesn't kill people, he only collects their souls. At one point while being human he has to leave out some rat poison. It makes him feel like a murderer. He doesn't understand human cruelty, though he also doesn't understand human kindness. He does however seem to be using Susan to fix situations that he would not be able to. Like the problem with the Hogfather. So he is getting better at tricking people which is a very human trait.

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations:

Being Death he is therefore more real then anything around him, as while everything else changes, he is the ever constant. These are of course going to be limited in a game.

-Teleportation | Limited to locations on the ship
-Walk through walls | Unless the area is forbidden in game
-Ignore gravity
-Magic and/or mind control won't affect him

-He doesn't need to eat or sleep, but he enjoys food every so often. | He's technically immortal, but in a game sense, very hard to kill as he's just bones

-Can ignore time, do things incredibly fast, or simply freeze time. Either in a large area or around an individual person so they freeze in place | Time freezing would not work on the ship

-He can see peoples souls and can tell if they're a vampire, human, god etc. Sometimes he can tell their name as well, but that's hit and miss

-Can reap souls of course | He doesn't cause death or kill, he simply cuts the souls connection to its body when its their time.

-He knows when people are going to die and where people are at all times if he needs to. | This is restricted to people from the Discworld, as he knows when they are going to die, because he has access to their life timers

-Eldritch voice of command: when he uses it, people have to obey him and all questions have to answered truthfully.

Any powers that he has, that affect people, will have an opt-in permissions post. So if they don't want their characters affected then his powers will mysteriously not work

-Black robes with Omega clasp
-Family icongraph
-Pet cat

Appearance: Tall, a walking skeleton with eyes that are like blue stars. He's always smiling and you don't so much as hear his voice as have it show up in your head like the clanging of tombstones.

Age: Older then recorded time

AU Clarification:

-Mayfield History-

The first odd thing that happened is that he woke up at all as Death doesn't sleep.

He woke up in Mayfield in a human body and people claiming he was their father or husband. He soon found his real granddaughter in the town though and started to get used to being alive. It was similar to his experience of retirement but even more confusing, especially with the flesh and needing to breathe thing. He did like the fake family he was given, and was soon annoying his granddaughter Susan by dropping in for visits without asking, and talking with his new Great Grandson Slugger.

During October, Slugger fled to his house after Susan was killed by the town. Unlike her parents death there wasn’t anything he could have done and he was helpless because of his lack of powers and not because he was bound by rules. However he found little comfort in that. He looked after Slugger until the next day when Susan came back to life, as everyone did in Mayfield.

He only kept his human body for a few months altogether and after some strange candies made him wander around telling people to drink milk, he was turned back into a skeleton in November. During thanksgiving he was also forced to kill some poisonous spiders which upset him as being Death wasn’t about killing things. After this he adopted a kitten that he named Rincewind, because it would run away from everything. It was also around this time that the wife of the house was replaced with Death from the Sandman series. To avoid confusion, she will be referred to as Didi in the rest of the application. He greatly enjoyed talking to Didi, as having someone else who understood about the trials of the job completely was a new experience.

The town assigned him the role of history teacher, a job well suited to him. He decided to teach the students about his own world, the Discworld, as he knew more about it than almost anyone.

On Christmas the town was incredibly cruel and Death was given a moment in a world where he was human, waiting for his family to arrive for the holidays. Only to find out that they had all perished in a carriage accident. Death was forced to experience human grief and sorrow over the death of his family. After he was out of the fake world, the emotions dulled down to the normal amount, but the memory of that world was still there, and they remained with him.

Luckily his family in Mayfield were able to help cheer him up somewhat. The houseful of cats that had suddenly appeared in Susan’s house were a big help as well. After the terrible holiday by the town, the family, consisting of the people in Death’s house and the people in Susan’s house, had a Hogswatch party, the Christmas like celebration on the Discworld. This went much better as the town was in no way involved.

As Death got more and more of his powers back, he was able to do more to protect his family. There were no rules here when it came to getting involved. Especially with the way that death didn't seem to stick and people woke up the next day fine. In his free time he talked to more people, made friends and formed connections he wouldn't have been able to before.

In April, he was highly disturbed to find that there was a machine of some sort that seemed to be powered by souls. The machine was destroyed; however the idea that they might be using souls like that was particularly disturbing to him. Things only got worse as a month later people were assigned random people to kill. Death did not get a list, but Edward, the man living with his granddaughter, did and attempted to kill her. He was apparently also a low level villain known as the Riddler, from the world Didi was from. It was his compulsions that pushed him to go along with the game and try to murder Susan. Death was less than happy and did not have a high opinion of Edward after that. He was rather annoyed that Didi hadn't mentioned that Susan was living with a super villain, low level or not. He forgave Didi a lot sooner then he forgave Edward though.

He continued on, doing his new job and helping his family as best he could. The fall brought a plague of zombies that was the first of a few. Unlike the ones on the Disc though, these were mindless and it was during this time he realized that the drones had no souls. Something that disturbed him even more, especially as he was forced to sever their head and not just their soul as he normally did. He, Susan and Didi would go on to do what little of the Duty they could do during the zombie uprising. Helping souls pass on, whether they wanted to or not.

January came and the machine that seemed to be bringing people back to life was destroyed. However because of this, people began to die and he once more had to see his Granddaughter die. Though this time he was able to see her off properly. She had been mercy killed by Slugger at her wishes when her fatal injuries had started to appear and her limbs fell off. After her death, Death took Slugger back to his house and comforted him as best he could. Death is very fond of the additions to the family in Mayfield, but Slugger is probably one of his favourites.

February brought valentines day, and strange flowers that gave Death a case of 'puppy love' towards Didi. However after they faded he realized they weren't entirely untrue which was more then a little bit surprising. He made a phone call that may have mentally scarred a few people as Death was asking for romantic advice. But he in turn was properly chastised by Granny Weatherwax for being foolish, so it balances out. In the end he took some of the advice and talked to Didi about it. Where they decided that the confusion and affection they had was indeed mutual, though still confusing and decided to make a go of it. Since they'd been acting like an old married couple for a long time now, not much changed.

There was a plague of ghosts and then another zombie outbreak. Death and Didi ended up going to the bar after that, being utterly fed up with zombies. Didi developed a strong dislike of zombies, while Death just missed the ones from the Discworld. Mostly because they weren't contagious and they could still talk and think.

The town began to deteriorate around them in the coming months and Death continued to do what he could for people and his family. As well as continue to learn about human things like how to fly kites. When the town fell apart they all found out that they had never been kidnapped and were in fact virtual copies of who they thought they were. While this negatively affected a lot of people, Death is in a sense, already a part of another entity to begin with, and wasn't very concerned. It actually made him feel better because he knew it meant that there was someone on the Disc still doing the Duty and that things would be alright there without him, because he was still there.

As the town finally came to an end, he made sure his family was safe as they left to a new future. Where he and Didi planned to build a home with the other survivors of the town.


Death now understands humans a little better then he did before as he's had the chance to experience more things. He's also been forced to actually get involved in things outside his duty and he feels less restricted.

Since he is a copy of the Death on the Discworld, he will also feel less of a rush to try and get home as he's already there. However he's still a little homesick and probably will be forever.

Log Sample:

Death was taking the new free time he had to explore the “space ship” he was currently staying in. The last time he’d been on a ship like this, it had involved Rincewind, wizards, Leonard of Quirm and swamp dragons, aka: the cutting edge of Discworld technology at the time. And it had been made out of wood. So the new technology on this ship was more than a little confusing for him. Even Mayfield, which had some interesting new technology like television sets and telephones didn't match up to this. So far there didn't seem to be any magic involved, which was probably for the best considering what magic tended to do in high concentrations, and to keep a ship like this going you’d certainly need a lot of it. No one seemed to know anything about swamp dragons though so it would have had to be some new technology not heard of on the Disc. Though if Rincewind showed up he wouldn't be surprised either.

In the end he decided to save his questions till he located Didi again. Her universe seemed to have a great deal more technology then the Disc and it was more than likely she’d know what was keeping the large ship afloat in the sky if it wasn't magic.

In the very least he’d found out where the air was coming from. The gardens were green and pleasant in comparison to the hallways of the ship and Death decided to stay and look around to see if there was place for maybe a small wheat field.

Comms Sample:


[There are a few attempts at getting this thing set up properly but after a while whoever is messing around with it gets it to work. There is now a Skeleton in a black robe on the screen.]


[Another odd thing, besides the obvious one of a Skeleton appearing on your screen, is the fact that the voice seems to just appear in your head rather then through your ears. Sounding a bit like the noise of tombstones falling over. Nothing to be helped with that though.]



[This is said with a smile, but to be fair, everything so far has been said with a smile. Skulls don't have much of a choice in that regard.]


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